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Please Help Me Help My Disabled Mother  »


The fact that potato salad got over $45,000 yet my mom is struggling this much bothers me. Please help me help my mom in anyway you can. Whatever you can donate makes a difference and means loads.

She could be closer to:

  • A working car
  • A working mobility scooter
  • House renovations
  • Bills paid with less worry
  • Food purchased with less worry

Daughter of a disabled woman looking to help her mother get a new car, new motor scooter, fix home, pay bills, get food- anything. One million dollars is a stretch, and I know that cannot really be accumulated, I just am not sure what the bare minimum should be, so why not reach for the stars. Please just read our story, and donate anything you can. Every dollar helps. My name is Rachel Copans and I am 20 years old. I created this account on behalf of my 54 year old, physically disabled mother. She is a single parent of three (ages 16, 18, and 20); she and my dad divorced when I was little, and when I was 12 my dad passed away, posing an even greater challenge for my mom. She worked hard to be both parents, keep us fed, make sure we kept our house, and everything. However, this is growing more difficult as her disability increases and our income decreases. THE MAIN ISSUE IS THE CAR: My mom’s van is breaking down, and we fear that it will not be long before it goes. With knee issues, being unable to work, having one child in high school who needs a way there, and two who need transportation to their jobs, a car is an absolute necessity. My mom would not be able to do anything without a vehicle-it is bad enough that her motor scooter broke but the breaking down of a car would make matters even worse-, and the children would be unable to get to school or their summer jobs at a daycare. The only income in the family is my mom’s disability checks, and for only two more years, my youngest brother is still receiving survivor social security- my other brother and I have lost it as a result of being over 18. (My brother and I are working minimum wage jobs during the summer to pay tuition and can not contribute very much to our mother). My mother and I have worked tirelessly searching for programs and organizations that donate cars, and even specific ones geared toward people with physical disabilities. A vehicle with decent millage, and possibly a van would be ideal for a family of four, especially when my mother needs to drive me back to college. Although this would be best for our needs and situation, our circumstances are increasing in risk, and we would be grateful for any way in which you can assist us. OTHER ISSUES My mom’s motor scooter also broke a few years ago. This makes it impossible for her to go into stores and get around outside of the house. There are also numerous issues with the house- broken dishwasher, clothes washer and dryer, stove/oven, no access to a shower/tub for my mom (she washes her hair in the sink)…so much is falling apart we do not even know anymore! Bills and food are worrisome and more important though, so of course we aren’t making any repairs. I know this was long, but thank you for you time, consideration, and any help you could provide.